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Our Apartments - Daphne Suite

Daphne Suite 1+1 40 m2 Apartment

max. 3 guests

Reservation with AirBnb

Book your Istanbul Taksim apartment at Daphne Pera and enjoy impeccable service and spacious guest rooms in the center of the city where East meets West. You can book now with AirBnb, ask us about prices and availability via our contact form or you can reach us from our Daphne Pera reservation phone number.

or Call us via Whatsapp

Important Note: Kids under 12 are not allowed in this suite. Elders who have walking diffuculties, may find it diffucult to use the stairs to go up to the roof floor. But the building has an elevator to the 3rd floor of the building, after 3rd floor you have to use stairs to heaven…. 🙂

Our Room Amenities

Details of the apartments:

Free Services

* Weekly cleaning of the apartments including dry cleaning of the bedding and towels.
* Iron and iron table are available on request. (For 2 Hours)


* There are fire alarms and fire extinguishers installed throughout the building with fire extinguishers located on each floor.
* Gas alarm.
* 24/7 Security camera system.
* An alarm system connected to the security company to prevent any uncontrolled entry at the entrance door.
* A camera and duophone system that can detect and warn people at the entrance.
* Each apartment has a Yale Linus brand lock that can be unlocked through an app.

Charged Services

* The car park next to the apartments.
* Nespresso capsules
* Special cleaning and dry cleaning services (to be requested 7 days before)
* Vacuum cleaner

Deposits and Conditions

* Pets are not allowed.
* Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms and the building.
* Guests must respect the safety and peace of the building and the other guests.
* All appliances offered for use in the apartments must be used in accordance to their purpose. At the end of the stay, the appliances should be left clean and in the same condition as before.

Our Apartments for Booking


* If smoking inside the room or the building is detected, 20 Euros will be charged per day of the stay.

* If pets are detected, 50 Euros will be charged per day of the stay.

* If the guest leaves without washing the dishes, 5 Euros per dish will be charged.

* In case of the detection of damage to the appliances:

  • Ambilight Smart TV: 600 Euros
  • Nespresso Coffee Machine: 100 Euros
  • Kettle: 30 Euros
  • Toaster: 50 Euros
  • The couch and furniture: 250 Euros
  • Hair Dryer: 25 Euros
  • The TV Rack, Hangers: 150 Euros
  • Light Fixtures/ lamps: 200 Euros (each)
  • Decorations/Paintings: 30 Euros (each)